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Wirekinetis burner team addresses our goal in upgrading existed burner system to advanced and ultra low CO and NOx emission system through our cost saving solution.  The goal has achieved a blooming and excellent result in China market.   

1. The Characteristics of Fecralloy Fabric Burners:

1 . Low emissions: emission rates of NOx and CO reach European standard.
2. Energy saving: This product is applied to advanced premix burners, with high combustion efficiency and low smoke evacuation loss.
3. Wide modulation range: metal fiber burners have a wider combustion intensity adjustable range (100 ~10,000 kW/rn2) then tradition burner.
4. Compact design, low noise
5. Excellent safety: metal fiber media with small pore size which determines that the flashback risky of the metal fiber burners is very low.
6. Excellent performance of resistance to thermal shocks: it is manufactured by 100% Fecralloy fiber, very soft but highly resists thermal shocks.
7. Well adaptability of appearance: metal fiber burners can be made into various shapes,according to the demand of using situation.

2. The Specification:

Diameter (mm) Maximum length (mm) Maximum heat load (kw)
35 200 55
50 300 100
63 380 150
70 420 200
80 500 285
98 610 400
140 840 800
200 1180 1550
245 1500 2485